History of Arabian horse Heritage

The Arabian horse without question is an ancient breed and the oldest of all horse breeds today.  Its heritage can be traced back to the prized desert horses of Arabia and influencing the modern horse breeds today.

Some believe the distant history of the Arabian horse still remains a mystery, yet studying the history of the Arabian horse they are traced to the Arab horsemen of Arabia called Bedouin tribes.    These migrating tribe horsemen considered these desert first Arabians prized possessions. Due to the harsh environments in this region, a special kind of horse was created.  The survival of the desert tribes depended upon horses with stamina, running fast and long distances across difficult terrain possessing hot arid climates with limited water and food.

Ultimately selectively breeding a modest, efficient size companion capable of withstanding these harsh conditions.  The Arabian horse consequently developed superior attributes such as endurance and stamina other breeds marvel over.  Together with all these highly sought after traits the Arabian horse‚Äôs unique and outstanding beauty sets them aside from all other horse breeds.  The contoured dished face, large-dark expressive alert eyes, tipped ears and a personality appeals to all horse lovers today.

 This prized "war horse" of the Bedouin proved itself a successful weapon throughout warfare with Europeans, Ottomans or other foreign forces.    Through time horse breeders across the world would incorporate the Arabian horse breed to improve most of the modern breeds today.    Today you will find the Arabian horse breed has developed worldwide with much enthusiasm and success improving the breed through the years.   Discover fine Arabian horses at Centaur Valley Arabians (CV Arabian Horses).   Several sale and lease horses available. 



The desert bred Arabian horse History